Creating the newest, most technologically advanced audio products has been a tradition at Azden for over 40 years. Taking advantage of the latest in CAD and SMT technology, every Azden product is loaded with features and enhancements within minimal space.

Azden started as an OEM manufacturer for many of the world's best-known quality brand names. Azden in the past 15 years has established it's own brand identity. Today, the name "Azden" is synonymous with quality, around the world.

Azden portable VHF wireless microphone systems have been the leaders in Event and Wedding Videography fields. They are considered to have better RF than competitors priced considerably higher.The "PRO" series continues to evolve, with constantly improving circuitry, in products such as the WR22-PRO, a discrete 2-channel receiver for recording from 2 microphones simultaneously, and the WDR-PRO, an on-camera true-diversity receiver, for "drop-out free" wireless.



The 63-channel 400UDR and the new 500UDR UHF portable systems are rapidly being accepted as the best performing system for those broadcast professionals wanting maximum flexibility of transmitter options and quality, at a reasonable price. And the new 1000URX 121-channel UHF system sets a new standard for performance and ease of use, while retaining the Azden tradition for quality at reasonable prices.

In the Pro Sound market, the Performance Series, with rugged metal-cased AC-powered receivers, has been accepted by musicians, schools, and churches around the world.

VHF systems are available in a choice of 25 frequencies (174-196MHz), and with a choice of five transmitters, UHF systems are 63 channel user-selectable (794-806MHz).

Azden engineering once again has shown that great performance doesn't necessarily have to be high priced.